Costume Choices

I see my face in the mirror and go, ‘I’m a Halloween costume? That’s what  they think of me?”  – Drew Carey

I have always enjoyed the concept of Halloween, both as a child and now as an adult.  There is a lot of fun in dressing up as another character and parading around the neighborhood.  This was especially true as a child when candy was involved.  What I began to think about the last few days leading up to Beggar’s Night is the concept of costume.  On Halloween, our costume can be obvious, and is in some way a reflection of our internal minds, dressing as an idealized image or role model (i.e. Superhero Batman), or something that may be an antithesis of our normal life (i.e. serial killer Michael Myers).  These costumes are an exaggeration of sorts, and easily identified by others as fantasy.  Throughout the rest of the year, our costume choice may not be readily seen by others and in some cases by our own awareness.  Often, we see our “costumes” as being simply who we are.  These costumes may come in the form of our work attire, a title, a choice in what we eat or drink, and the list goes on.  If my premise has merit, then the questions we could ask are “Who am I really?”, “What is under the costume?”, “Is who I am simply a series of costume changes on the stage of life?”.   I will leave the answers to those questions up to you.

One further question I may add is this.  How do you choose your everyday life costumes?  I remember it being difficult enough to choose a costume to wear for one trick-or-treat adventure as a child, only to be discarded for a new one next year.  I would premise that choosing the characters we live each day is a much more important choice.  Personally, I want to be the superhero in my daily life and not the villain.  But… maybe for a night I could look like one for fun.  Happy Halloween!

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