Connecting with Others

Sometimes a simple “Hello, how is your day going?” can lead to some interesting connections. Today, while investing in a small break in my day, I went to get a cup of coffee. I asked the gentleman in front of me in line how his day was. He stated that his day was very good because he just visited his daughter who was going to a local university. She was in fact studying psychology and wanted to go for her doctorate. He explained how she had a number of questions about where to go to persue her advanced degree and what things to consider in her search. I explained that I was in fact a Psychologist by profession, and the Training Director of a psychology internshiph program, offered my help, and gave him my card. I would have missed an opportunity to help someone if I hadn’t simply said hello. How often do we as humans walk through our day next to people that may value our connection, and yet say nothing to them to even have the opportunity to find out? I pose an invitation, for each of use to genuinely say hello to people more often and see what happens. It might surprise us!

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