Seeing the Other Side

“The reverse side, also has a reverse side” – Zen proverb.

We get stuck in our ideas. This is a part of the human condition. We start to believe that what we think is the truth. Some times they are correct. Other times, they are not so correct. Seeing the reverse side is simply about taking perspective and an effort to get out of our own head and realize that there are many perspectives and understandings available to us. There is a famous story about a group of blind men all coming upon an elephant. Each man has a different understanding due to the part of the great animal they experience. The man experiencing the tail understands it as a broom, the man at the leg percieves the trunk of a tree. Both make different mistakes, but given what they have to work with they are doing the best they can to understand. This is us as people every day. We do our best to make sense of our world and understand our perceptions. If, in fact, we can let go of this attempt as being the only possibility, we can open our understanding to take in a greater truth in awareness and more fully understand our lives and our selves. The reverse side has a valuable lesson. It also has a “reverse side”, which is our original side. Clinging and rejecting are much the same problem, so we have to acknowledge our side, the reverse side, and everything in between. Simple right? In a way yes, but also difficult because of the way that we have been conditioned to learn. My encouragement is to question everything, even this! Ask yourself, is this true? What is this life? Who am I? What is my direction in this life? Answer with both sides, and ask again.

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